Learning Reflection 2

Reflecting on the Scenario Planning assignment….

I found this assignment very challenging, but at the same time extremely enjoyable. I got a lot out of having to think in a way which was new to me, but within a framework which I could see the benefits of. In terms of life beyond study, I can see how this planning methodology is useful in what I want to set up next year and am very happy to have been introduced to it! I think it has a lot of benefits not only in education, but also in a community setting (as in the North Star South African scenarios). Part of the difficulty I faced initially was in setting uncertainties for my context, as I felt hesitant to trust my own knowledge of the UAE context when faced with using this new methodology, and instead was thinking of uncertainties first and trying to apply them to the context, rather than focusing in on the needs of my chosen context and considering what, in reality, are the key uncertainties applicable to their education system right now. Once I had this realization I found things began to flow a lot more easily.  I really enjoyed writing the actual scenarios and can certainly see both options as equal likelihoods.  I did struggle with the implications initially (you were going to get a bullet point list at one stage) because I was confused on how to interpret the ‘taking account of multiple stakeholders’. So I thought about it long and hard and went back to my initial overview which reminded me that my scenario context was ADEC, and so then considered what implications there were for them with regard to multiple stakeholders. This gave me a slightly different lens to look through and as a result I’ve summarized key implications that ADEC should consider that would affect themselves, teachers, learners, and in one scenario also a business stakeholder. This approach seemed to me to be logical and useful and resulted in my thinking being much more wide-ranging. Overall I think working through this assignment (& the associated SP4ED activities) has provided me with a valuable learning journey and a new tool that I can take away and make use of many times over.    🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning Reflection 2

  1. Hi Pippa
    like you i found the mOOC on future planning for education in new zealand’s digital future very valuable – not just for the thinking, reading and writing but also for the contacts, meeting and feedback from you and others on the course – great to meet you and hope to keep in touch – this week we are at the zoo and planetarium searching for new planets and primate behaviours with year 13 and 10 – hope to catch up again soon tony ps your UAE scenarios rocked and you should carry through te ideas when next in the region #SP4Ed

    • Oh the zoo!! That would’ve been fun!! Thanks for the positive comments….missing your random tidbits of wisdom! 😀

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