I think I’ve got it…

Okay, am totally tempted not to tag this with either #edem630 or #sp4ed……surely my ramblings and wanderings as I use this blog to muddle my way through are going to become ho-hum!    (great word :p)

My thinking now, with food in my belly and the remnants of pretty much a whole tree around me, is that I’ve found some clarity.

With my Abu Dhabi hat on….

Issue: what will education in 2030 look like?

Axis ‘thingys’ : one axis on the uncertainty regarding personalisation of learning –  what is learnt, how and why etc. Who will be ‘in control’ of the learning? Student vs govt / central agency. A second axis exploring idea of fragmented, individualistic vs. cohesive, community at the other.

Technology (broad sweeping term here for now) is a trend – it will impact on education regardless of which scenario is to come true. But how it will impact will be different for each. So I’ll explore technology within each quadrant. Then, when writing the conclusion to the scenario I’ll make implications for change, such as relating to assessment practices, rethinking rules on BYOD & establishing culturally-required safetynets etc.

Yep, don’t worry – the actual matrix is still to come. My indecipherable scribble is about to be technologized!    :p

Definitely still open to comments on the earlier post though, and the idea of having ‘assessment’ as a key uncertainty.

Knowing me, my mind will change again…….(yes, small writing for a reason!)

2 thoughts on “I think I’ve got it…

  1. Hi Phillipa

    I had heaps of trouble with this task, but finally figured it out and got it done. If you need a hand let me know.


    • Hey Tim,

      Thanks for this offer – I really appreciate it! I’ve changed again from what I posted here….refining I guess you could say! I’m a little confused on the implications part of the scenarios. Are we supposed to write implications for stakeholders now (ie. present day) of things they should be doing to ensure they are best placed if the scenario were to come true? Or is it something else?

      I’ve found this interesting, but confusing and full of loop the loops!

      Phillipa 🙂

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