thinking about uncertainties

Just watched the DeutschePost video on possible futures for 2050  – think I’m in the wrong career….that looked like fun to make! I like their self-proclaimed DP as a ‘driver of change’ and am going to try to remember to throw that into the mix in session 4 of the mOOC as a little lighthearted suggestion :p

So now I’m trying to do a bit of pre-planning thinking and pull together my ideas on key uncertainties as related to secondary education, more specifically the UAE public school system and New School Model. This is due to be rolled out in Cycle 2 schools (grades 6-9) in the coming academic year (Sept 2013) and Cycle 3 schools (grades 10-12), which is were my focus lies, some time after that. What are possible future uncertainties that are in my mind so far?

  • the idea of student choice & autonomy (maybe this is the prosumer idea) vs. regulated national curriculums set by government bodies
  • the idea of a learning oasis vs learning desert, as outlined in the KnowledgeWorks scenarios 
  • to what extent globalization will continue or will there be a move to a more community / local region focus

The thinking continues!


2 thoughts on “thinking about uncertainties

  1. I might be in the wrong career too! Lol. My creativity is certainly limited by the monolith that is the MoE.

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