Essay Plan #take 1

Essay Plan #take 1

Thinking about the plan for my first essay.
Not sure how if it’s going to be readable so I think click on the image and save it to see a bigger version. Running out the door now but will try to play with photo features when I get back and see if there’s a better way of viewing a pic such as this.

Success….even before leaving my chair! Click the photo to see a bigger (readable!) version.


One thought on “Essay Plan #take 1

  1. Hi Phillipa

    I like the way you have used a mindmap to support your essay outline. That’s a good outline and the focus is coming together nicely.

    My only comment – which I’ve mentioned to one of two other learners is to think about the weighting of the different components in the essay. The body of the essay should focus on the how – largest section of the essay. The why and what provides the aim and context for your essay.

    This combined with your readings and annotated bibliography will set you up for a good essay.

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