Research #2

Evans, L. and Chauvin, S. (1993). Faculty Developers as Change Facilitators: The Concerns-Based Adoption Model. To Improve the Academy (12), 165-178.

Description: This article focuses on how to lead, facilitate and support successful change process within higher education. The authors’ emphasize the importance of change being a process, not an event, and as part of this those involved will move through different stages of concern. Part 1 of the CBAM framework is used to help change facilitators identify and understand the different stages and develop interventions targeting staff concerns at each stage. Finally, a set of case studies is provided discussing applications of CBAM Stages of Concern in different contexts.

Evaluation: I read this article after having already read the National Academies’ summary of the CBAM method and watching the 4 intro videos published by SEDL so I already had a general understanding of the CBAM approach, and this article served to reiterate key points in terms of practical application of the method. From this, I realized that I should actually go through the ‘Stages of Concern’ process myself in order to see where my concerns lie. In going through these steps for myself, I feel I will gain valuable insights into where teachers’ key concerns could lie and as a result can consider what interventions could be used to help alleviate these. This idea of having interventions appropriate for each Stage of Concern is an important point that I took from this article, as is the emphasis placed on change being an ongoing process.


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