Research #1

Rogers, E. M. (2003). Attributes of innovations and their rate of adoption. In Diffusion of Innovations (pp.204-251). New York: Free Press.

Description: In this chapter Rogers outlines the 5 attributes of innovations and how these attributes relate to an innovation’s rate of adoption. These five attributes (relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability, observability) are explained in depth with supporting examples given across a range of different innovation types.

Evaluation: Rogers’ research and writings, of which this chapter is part, are reputable and highly regarded in the academic world, a fact clearly evidenced by the number of peer citations his work receives. This chapter was extremely helpful in guiding my research thoughts as it enabled me to explore my proposed change from multiple angles and helped me form a range of questions and next steps: exploring in detail how and why ePortfolios are better than what exists now, especially in relation to the Knowledge Age and 21st century skills; looking for existing research into teacher and student attitudes towards current assessment practices in NZ and ascertaining if there is indeed a feeling that change is needed; investigating the most user-friendly method of creating and maintaining ePortfolios; having a clear focus on support structures to aid smooth diffusion; and finally perhaps thinking of options of how to measure impact and results (although this may end up being outside the scope of this particular assignment).

As an aside, thanks to Wayne for introducing me to the ‘Categories’ feature of WordPress! 😀


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