Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations

After working through an overview of the Rogers’ material (and trying to keep a ‘forest for the trees’ perspective as Niki suggested!) I’ve done some interesting reflecting on my research topic.

When doing the Arena of Change I considered the fact that any major change in assessment has to come from the top down and so then became confused when starting to work through this next section. However, even if an innovation is type 3, an authority innovation-decision, and teachers are required to implement the change in a practical sense, the other elements still come into play (perhaps even more so). There will still be the bell curve of adoption in a mental / attitudinal sense. That is to say, there will be those who are “doing this because I have to” and those who take it and run immediately. What is interesting is to think about how to deal with and support this process within a school setting, and to think about when the innovation actually rolls out into schools. For example, can the ePortfolios be introduced as mainstream once the early majority are on board? This conscious ‘slowing down’ when introducing the innovation may well be quite important, rather than rushing a change through without properly allowing for processing, diffusion of information, trialling etc.

I also have a lot of thoughts after now just reading Chapter 6, but am not sure whether to put them here in this post, as part of my annotated bibliography, within the reflective post or as a whole new post all together!

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2 thoughts on “Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations

  1. Great reflection. Don’t forget about the difference between adoption and diffusion. Technology adoption focuses more on the personal context whereas the concept of diffusion is more systemic (at the systems level.) Rogers’ theory is a diffusion theory and as a result will be more systems focused. You’ll need to factor this difference into your thinking.

    • Hmmmm, this is a key point and not a distinction I’d really been consciously considering in my mind. Where I’m at with my research at the moment, Rogers’ characteristics of an innovation are what seem most useful / applicable. Would these be applicable regardless of whether the focus is on diffusion or adoption? Appreciate the help, thank you 🙂

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