Arena of Change MindMap

Arena of Change MindMap

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I’m not sure exactly if I’ve quite done this correctly, but for what it’s worth it definitely helped clarify my thinking and give me a bit of perspective from some different angles.

So…..the change I’m focusing on is how ePortfolios can be used to replace some traditional assessment techniques in order to better assess 21st century skills and learning. It needs a bit more refinement of course but the general idea is there.

Who are the key players? Well, if ePortfolios are to be used as part of a student’s summative assessment grade (which is where I’m heading), then initially Government / Ministry of Ed are going to be a key player as they would need to make the necessary changes ‘at the top’. This would then flow on to NZQA to work through the subject frameworks, standards etc (I think – need to do some research into how this process actually works in NZ setting). From there subject cluster groups would need to be put in place in order to support teachers in understanding the new assessment style, running professional development sessions and creating national exemplars.

In terms of a technological perspective, consideration needs to be given as to how to actually create / document / store the ePortfolios. Tim gave me a great suggestion in pointing me towards Google Sites which definitely looks like it has potential and I’m going to play around with more. Also, would/could schools be given freedom to choose or is it better to have a set format? Would the same work for each subject? Is an ePortfolio even appropriate for all subjects?

Another key player would be parents, as they need to not only understand changes that are taking place, but buy in to them and support them. The idea of having open assessment practices, whereby parents can follow their students’ progress online and see where they are at also appeals to me. I’m sure this is already the case in some schools, but it’s an important aspect to remember.

Clearly the teacher and students are key once the initial ‘top down’ stuff has come through, as any change to assessment practices must actually benefit the learners by adding value to their education, preparing them for the world, providing authentic learning experiences and allowing for self-reflection……

I’m not sure yet how the balance of theoretical vs practical will be in my research…..still a long way to go with thinking! Speaking honestly, I wasn’t keen on this activity initially as it had me all confused, but working through it like this (especially with the scaffolding provided as part of the week’s activity) and just being able to also blah all my ideas here into the blog has been really helpful. I’m not sure how I’m going to tackle this idea – from the angle of making changes to assessment at a national level or just pottering around with the idea in an in-school context. I’d prefer to tackle the big issue but not sure how well it will fit with the assignment requirements etc. Will start out with that view in mind but just wait and see me backtrack on that one once I really get into it!


2 thoughts on “Arena of Change MindMap

  1. Hi, I really responded to the “blah all my ideas” in the blog, comment. It made me laugh out loud as it describes exactly how I’ve been feeling too. Thank you for articulating it so well. I’ve been confused about the various elements in this paper and how they all fit together. It feels a bit like trying to run through thick fog- you hope the path is there, you hope the path is clear, but you really can’t see where you are going!
    Best of luck with your tackling!

    • Lol I’m glad to hear you’re getting a lot out of the blah too Lesley!! πŸ˜€ I’ve found myself getting a bit confused with the different assignment requirements and have to keep going back to the outline again. I’m not sure how well my research will fit with assignment 1.1 for example, but I see how it works for the final research paper. So just more thinking to get them all to hang together. Love love love your metaphor about running through fog! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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