Down to…..TWO!

So, I’ve spent the past few days exploring and reading around two broad research areas in an effort to narrow both down – I think this will help me to finally decide on one! Here’s where I’m at now. I think the process of having to put both ideas into writing will ultimately be very useful.

1. ePortfolios and assessment:

  • how can they be used to provide a more personal learning  / assessment experience and capture deep learning – assessing as/when a student is ready, according to own interests and learning styles etc
  • how can they be used in a way that makes assessment FOR learning, rather than OF. Can they be both formative and summative (ie. leading to summative).
  • Can they be used as a creative replacement to exams?
  • Are ePortfolios are more authentic way of assessing ’21st Century skills’?

2. Prof development, school leadership and creative change:

  • Looking at the situation in UAE local schools, how can we support schools / school leaders to bring technology into their institution in a way that is creative, beneficial to learners and meaningful?
  • Bearing in mind that school leaders do not have the autonomy to make major changes to infrastructure, buy new technology etc…..what creative solutions can be found to overcome this and other barriers, such as cultural and social?
  • Interesting to explore the fact that local schools are technologically under-resourced environments, even though money is not an issue for the country – largely because the reform has just not yet gotten this far. There are pilot studies being done with 1-1 ipads in classrooms and the like but what can we do to support the majority until such projects are more widespread?
  • Considering issues of empowerment, building capacity and sustainability.

Now for some more think time. Any feedback welcome  🙂



6 thoughts on “Down to…..TWO!

  1. Getting closer with each iteration. For the purposes of this research study, I recommend that you focus on one of the bullet point questions which will give you more scope to examine the question with a little more depth and scope to bring in the theories and models of change.

    • Good advice Wayne, thanks. I think this has helped me to (finally!) settle on a topic. 🙂

  2. Hi Phillipa
    Great topics, particularly eportfolios. Myself and another teacher back in CHCH trialled this a few years back. Certainly not easy to maintain that buy in but the learning and assessment was second to none. Really enjoyed the way parents had that opportunity to respond and provide feedback. Good luck on the choice.

    • Hey Aaron, that sounds really interesting…..might be picking your brain in the not too distant future! 🙂

  3. Hi Philippa

    If you go down the eportfolios route I really recommend using Google Sites if you want to use a programme that gives you plenty of flexibility with design and setting up, plus it’s free and is part of the awesome Google Apps for Schools applications (which includes Blogger, Google Docs, Gmail and more).


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