Research Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the research so far….yep, still running behind with time but getting there. I’ve kind of got three key areas I’m looking at – I know I say five at the start of the video but I manage to talk myself down to three somehow!

Feedback welcome…..

Do I enjoy doing video posts? Not really. So I think it’s something I’m going to try to do more of, as getting out of the comfort zone is always a good thing!

(Wayne – WordPress keeps changing my tags from caps to no caps. Can you let me know if it’s still working in the aggregator? Maybe the no caps thing is just a style choice based on the theme I’m using).


2 thoughts on “Research Thoughts

  1. Hi Phillipa,

    While not required for this activity — I was impressed with your initiative in using a video blog for your reflections on possible research topics.

    Ultimately you will need to make your choice based on personal interests and how well the topic aligns with the requirements for the final assignment. Speaking personally — I thought the last option thinking about PD opportunities for successful adoption and diffusion of new technologies in the classroom would be a great study especially your experience working offshore. The use of e-Learning in the east has a number of unique cultural challenges regarding perceptions of quality when using e-learning – -so that would add an interesting angle.

    Using lowercase for the course tag is fine — our aggregator is picking this up.

    • Thanks for this feedback Wayne. This topic and the assessment one are the two ideas that I’m reading around on at the moment. However, I’m struggling with refining this PD idea a little. I’m not sure how to work it through so that it addresses the idea of ‘change’ adequately and is more than just a sort of ‘best practice PD outline / offering’ as I don’t think this is quite true to the nature of the assignment. I’d appreciate any more thoughts on the idea (to go with my already massive brainstorm!).

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